Lauren Kirchner

Artist & Designer

Get to know me.

I am a contemporary artist living and working in Dallas, Texas, with my husband, toddler son, and three rescue cats. My studio space is either a dedicated room in our home or a table in the living room, where I can work and care for my son. We teach each other so much every day.

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

As an artist, I have a background in traditional printmaking and site-specific installations. I have a BFA, MA, and MFA focusing on printmaking and have worked with master printers in studios like Anchor Graphics and Anderson Ranch Editions. While studying in school, I explored the idea of print as a three-dimensional material.

Today, out of school and out of reach of printing presses and lithography limestones, I spend my time painting and exploring the meaning of self through the neurological and biological universe. I look for patterns and meditate on the organic nature of thought and self, sometimes through repetition. These repetitions create biological mandalas that are the center of my focus on bringing peace of mind to today’s existence.

My goal is to bring the viewer a sense of evighed (the feeling of being eternally present in the moment). I want to allow the viewer to transpose a projection or reflection of their emotions when viewing the images I build.

Current and Past Art Pieces

Site Specific Lithograph installations and prints.

An investigation of material process with the subject matter.

Product design with the subject matter.

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